Alfi Plan

ALFI aims to affect change by organizing and collecting resources through coalition building, strategic planning that has resulted in the first visioning plan for Atlanta, highlighting specific interventions, and through policy development in collaboration with a range of people and organizations such as farmers, food and farm businesses, and public officials.

We began this effort through the creation of the publication of A Plan for Atlanta’s Sustainable Food Future, also known as the ALFI Plan, which was endorsed by 91 organizations throughout metro-Atlanta.

Urban Agriculture Policy Platform for Atlanta

Atlanta is on the cusp of becoming a national leader in urban agriculture. Urban agriculture will be a gamechanger for Atlanta, but will require active civic engagement in agriculture. This platform reflects innovative ideas and needs expressed by urban farmers and stakeholders to increase the amount of land under cultivation in Atlanta and increase access to fresh, local food and truly strive toward authentic community supported agriculture.

Grower Platform