Food System Research

ALFI is dedicated to growing and sharing collective knowledge about our local food system to enhance efforts toward our goal of a more sustainable and just food system for metro Atlanta. We frequently collaborate on research with universities and other non-profits to expand the knowledge base about our local food system to serve as a guide for improving our food system.

This area of our website is dedicated to aggregating research and reports about the metro Atlanta food system and creating a platform where academics, growers and community food advocates are easily able to access and share such resources.

If you have a report relevant to the metro-Atlanta food system, please contact to discuss having your report posted on our site.

Urban Agriculture: Six City Case Study Analysis to inform Atlanta’s urban ag policies

Across the United States, urban food production and its supporting policies have yielded multiple benefits for host cities such as the promotion of human health, encouragement of civic virtue, development of economic opportunities, and protection of the environment. This research was targeted at analyzing how several prominent cities in the U.S. have already approached urban […]

The Turnip Truck

The mission of The Turnip Truck is to provide Atlanta area restaurants, schools, and institutions with the finest locally grown fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and other foods, as well as specialty items. They work with small local producers to facilitate distribution; warehousing products for convenient delivery and fulfilling dynamic demand. Their central goal is to […]

Wholesome Wave Georgia Evaluation Report

Food insecurity is at the highest levels in the U.S. since the Great Depression, and Georgia in particular has the fourth highest rate of food insecurity. Federal food assistance benefits were designed to address food insecurity, but they may be exacerbating the relationship between food assistance and diet-related chronic disease. Double value coupon programs were […]