Progress toward ALFI's Plan for Atlanta's Sustainable Food Future

City of Atlanta’s Urban Agriculture Zoning Ordinance

On June 11, 2014 The City of Atlanta adopted one of the most progressive Urban Agriculture Zoning Ordinances  in the country! The UA zoning ordinance was the foundational step toward enhancing and expanding a thriving network of gardens and farms throughout the city.  There are more steps to be taken but Atlanta is now positioned to become a national leader in local food systems. Let’s go grow, Atlanta!

Metro-Atlanta Food System Inventory

In 2012, ALFI conducted a Food System Inventory for metro-Atlanta to assess the status of the local food system and document efforts made toward the 8 goals described in the ALFI plan. The Inventory is considered a baseline assessment of the state of the food system in Metro Atlanta and is important for recognizing strengths, identifying gaps, and measuring future progress in our local food system.  ALFI plans to continue periodic assessments of the local food system to assist with strategic planning.

Full report: 2012 ALFI Inventory Report

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