Incredible Edible Grow-It-Yourself Fruit Tree, Vine and Berry Bush Sale

An annual event of the Atlanta Local Food Initiative

ALFI’s 6th Annual Incredible, Edible, Grow-It-Yourself Fruit Tree, Berry Bush and Vine Sale 11am-2pm on Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015

Over 1100 plants, 50+ plant varieties available the day of sale!

                          Grow your own food and support the important work of the ALFI Coalition through its only fundraiser–we simply can’t do it without your support!


Please note: All presale orders must be picked up between 11am-2pm on Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015 at Georgia Organics, 200-A Ottley Dr., Atlanta, GA 30324.


Why should YOU plant fruit trees?   Here are just a few ideas!

 The 2015 ALFI Fruit Tree Sale



         2015 Sales Catalog

Find resources for selecting, planting and caring for your plants!

Volunteers receive 10% off their day of sale purchases when they sign up for a volunteer shift, to learn more and sign up visit here.

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