Introducing ALFI's Fruit Tree Challenge

...bringing fruit trees into YOUR community!

What is the ALFI Fruit Tree Challenge?

The ALFI Fruit Tree Challenge offers schools and community organizations the opportunity to earn fruit trees, vines and berry bushes for their group by promoting ALFI’s Incredible Edible Grow-It-Yourself Fruit Tree, Vine and Berry Bush Sale within their communities.   

How does the ALFI Fruit Tree Challenge work?

Every community organization that enters the ALFI Fruit Tree Challenge can win!  For each $200 of fruit trees ordered and attributed to your organization during the online presale, your group earns a $10 credit for more trees.

What does each $10 earn for my group?

You can use your credits for any trees or bushes offered through the ALFI Fruit Tree Sale.  Here are some possible uses!

If 4 members of your group spend $50 each, your $10 credit can purchase a Blackberry vine, Blueberry bush or Raspberry vine.

If 12 people in your group spend $50 each, your $30 credit can purchase an Apple tree and a Blueberry bush, or a Nectarine tree and a Raspberry vine, or even a Pomegranate tree.

If 20 people in your group spend $50 each, your $50 credit can purchase a 2 Pear trees and a Blackberry bush, or a fig tree, 2 Blueberry bushes and a Raspberry vine.

That sounds great! How do I get started?

First, appoint a group liaison to register your organization for the ALFI Fruit Tree Challenge.

Next, help your organization promote the ALFI Fruit Tree Sale in your area.  Your group can promote the sale by announcing the opportunity through newsletters, events, social media (#FruitTreeATL) and posting flyers.  The more purchases made in honor of your organization, the more credits you earn toward fruit trees!

ALFI Fruit Tree Challenge only applies to orders placed during our online presale, which ends a few weeks before the event, so don’t delay!  Group Liaisons will be contacted after the closing date of the online presale to discuss the award earned and to select your plants.

When do I get my plants?

ALL plants must be picked up at the annual ALFI Fruit Tree Sale on Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015 at Georgia Organics, 200-A Ottley Drive, Atlanta, GA 30324.

Questions can be directed to

Good luck Challengers!