Coalition meetings

Coalition meetings are generally held every other month, on the second Monday of the month, 11am to 1pm.

Upcoming ALFI meetings are scheduled for:

Monday, January 13th

Monday, March 10th

Monday, May 12th

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ALFI has coordinated several summits to engage a broader group of stakeholders.

Setting Atlanta’s Table – November 8, 2012

Report on the Atlanta Food System Summit

 The Atlanta Local Food Initiative (ALFI) hosted the Local Food System Summit on November 8, 2012 at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.  Keynote speaker, LaDonna Redmond, described local and global challenges in the food system, inspired and challenged participants to identify and address food access issues by working with community assets.  She used examples from her history of grassroots advocacy to demonstrate the importance of community engagement and focusing on assets rather than barriers in achieving meaningful change. 
A Trailblazer Panel highlighted a variety of innovative food system projects currently underway in Atlanta.  Panelists answered questions about their projects, identified barriers to a more sustainable and just food system in our community, and discussed factors in their success.  A report on the State of the Local Food System identified a baseline measurement of food system projects taking place in Metro Atlanta as related to each of the ALFI Goals.
Afternoon breakout sessions included in-depth discussions on Food Hubs, Urban Farming, Grassroots Community Change, Education Outreach, and Food System Issues for Health Professionals.
Participants reported that they learned more about the broader food system activities taking place as well as identifying model practices and potential collaborations.  Several areas were identified throughout the day in which ALFI and our partners can work to fill meaningful gaps and further promote a more sustainable and just food system for Metro Atlanta.


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